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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 16, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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ne news. >> brian: this is a fox news alert. brian wilson in washington. those pictures are coming from richmond, virginia, where bob mcdonald is about to become the governor of that state. the first republican governor in a while. you were looking at the south portico of the state capital of richmond, virginia. the 75th governor. his a top spot in virginia in years. hatians are trying to figure out what to do with the dead as the government fears as many as 200,000 people, 200,000 people may have been killed. the red cross puts the official death toll between 40 and 50,000. the truth probably somewhere in between. secretary of state hillary clinton is due to arrive in the earthquake ravaged nation within the hour and though aid is pouring in, enormous obstacles remain, getting
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people that aid. orlando salinas is at the airport where it's still shaking in port-au-prince. orlie what can you tell us? >> want to tell you something, just after about 11:07 this pontiac, eastern time, there was another after shock in here in port-au-prince and other small suburbs. one of our camera crews was out there in the middle of that after shock and said it was pretty alarming. a structure, a hotel near there, where they were at shook, rumbled, but it stayed in place and there wasn't any knowledge. a lot of folks who have had out of the buildings they were in, they were scared and got calmed down and wanted to bring you up-to-date. joining us right now is captain justin doyle. the contingent sy response. in an hour or so, something
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goodwill happen. >> we had a d-17 aircraft come in and dropped off a bunch of new york rescue team, awesome in itself. the opportunity it gives us we now have the opportunity to evacuate some people out of here. so we're going to floor load that p-17. what that does is about doubles our capacity so we can put approximately 200 people on that c-17 and get those american citizens back to the u.s. so they're not adding to the situation here and we can continue to provide response and the relief to the people who need it. >> reporter: lori, could you swing around and show the folks at home the plane you're talking about. and captain, what what's different about the flight. >> what they'll do is put pallets in them that have seats in them. to maximize the capacity they'll seat the passengers directly on the floor facing the rear of the aircraft side 0 side, front to back and you can fit about 200 on them when you seat them like that. >> reporter: very good, captain dustin, who has been
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giving us updates the past two or three days and captain doyle says there are no standards seats and seat belts. that doesn't mean there will be restraints on the plane, they will of some sort but they're trying to do their best to fit as many people, americans, the captain was saying, on that plane and they don't know exactly where in the united states with you they're going to the states and that's the point. could you go over here a little bit, please? here we have more search and rescue teams and a boatload of cargo planes from other countries who are still doing yeoman's work. they're unleading. you see right there, are you able to see the search dogs? the canines in the crates will be moving out as well. and you see the port-a-johns, that's an important point because as the search and rescue teams go out, they'll be out and some of them are in an alpha bravo day and night sort of schedule and when they
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have to go, they got to go so they can keep working, this is important work takes place here, the search, the rescues continue, but you have to remember that 48, 72 hour window of time is eclipsing and the search and rescue teams, although the hours have gone by, they still go out and i'm told they're working as feverishly as they possibly can. they've had great stories and tragedies, but they're pushing on, back to you. >> brian: orlando salinas is on the job at the airport there in port-au-prince. and i know people are trying to get out of there. yo i don't think they'll complain about a c-17. they'd leave on a cessna if they have to. the picture in haiti are grim. bodies are piling up in the streets as hatians try to figure out what to do with the dead. search and rescue efforts continue, but as the days pass, hope is dwindling. the chance of survivors decreases after 72 hours.
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bell hemmer is in port-au-prince in the center of the city with more on that, bill, what can you tell us? >> reporter: brian, it's such a sad sight. behind me is another one of the temporary tent cities where so many thousands of hatians have now taken refuge, it used to be a soccer field. behind me, this is filled by my count, a thousand people. there is no water, very little food. and brian, there is one doctor for all of these people. that doctor himself says he has no water. he is thirsty. we saw a woman in there who is about to give birth. and she was in quite a bit of pain because her right leg had opinion damaged so much by the quake of tuesday night, she could barely walk and they took her out of here up to a clinic, up the hill to my left. the clinic was closed so they brought her back down again and they have no medicines, even if she gives birth what the doctor is requesting simply will not happen.
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they can't get supplies here, the people have been here now four and a half almost five days and what they have endured is truly shocking. there is a man here out of washington d.c., he's hatian, he gave us a great idea about what he's experienced in the last few days, he found a woman in a blue pickup truck down here and found the woman actually on the streets, okay? he put her in the back of the pickup truck and she needs a lot of help, frankly, and they've got umbrellas over top of her and there was a small iv drip for her, i'm not sure where she got that. that's the only attention she's getting at this point. i mentioned that doctor, he's got his hands full and asking for help now. we told him we would do our best to get the word out to the rest of the world and the people here in haiti need help and it cannot come soon enough. we're told by the red cross, they've set up an area around the airport where they're distributing aid and taking care of the sick and wounded. we have not been to that location yet, maybe perhaps a bit later this afternoon we can get there.
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tease people cannot get there, there's little transportation, no bicycles to go by. if it went by foot several hours to walk in the searing afternoon heat, brian of 90-plus degrees without water, that's a very, very difficult task. >> brian: bill, if i could ask you, what is the difficulty of moving? what are the hurdles that have to be overcome to move the aid from the airport to places like where you are? >> yeah, i think, i think it is enormous, those challenges are huge, brian. as we've been reporting you can bring all the aid in the world to haiti, but getting it to the people is what the challenge is now. and as you walk up and down these streets, brian, you see people gathered by the thousands, just a couple of people in a park, and if you were to drive up an aid truck here i'm afraid the results would be mass chaos. now, ultimately, these aid agencies may have to deal with just that. but you have two equations here, two things to solve anyway, bring the aid in get
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it to the people who need it and do it safely and securely. it may be the u.s. military that plays the biggest role in that, but make sure you can come in here, to places like this and it does not turn into a mop scene. having said that i think at this point these people would take anything, brian. >> brian: one more question, bills, we've been seeing on the wires reports of continued after shocks, one registered apparently 4.5 magnitude. have you felt any of those after shocks? >> yeah, we've heard about that, brian. we did not feel that in our low indication here. that's not unusual by the way, we're staying up on the mountain side a few miles from our location, and thursday night, there were numerous after shocks, we felt three strong ones eleven o'clock at night and 5:05, three rumblers, one got us out of bed and running out of the door frankly. when you feel that, you start to think about this trembler that lasted well over 20 seconds on tuesday at ten o'clock and how the earth
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moved in the country of haiti. when they feel the after shocks and tremblers five days later it takes quite a mental toll on them as you can imagine, the psychiatry in this country is working overdrive, brynn. >> brian: and bill, if i could just ask one more question, people have said that they're concerned that the hatian people may run out of patience, that anger might overflow and that things could get ugly. give me your sense of how it is on the ground among the hatian people? >> i'd say we had a-- what i would only call a spectacular day of human journey yesterday, brian. we started in a park at six o'clock in the morning waking up with 3,000 hatians and tried to get back to the park late at night and end our day and tell the story to viewers at home. we didn't make it there, car trouble, broke down in the neighborhood. what we found was one gas station that was open. it was the first gas station we came across throughout the entire day, brian, that was actually selling items to hatian people, water,
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coca-cola, rice, potato cheps, candy bars, and we've been throughout this entire city so you can imagine now, if you take that out, extrapolate that over so many millions of people at this point who need the help, it's a situation that is dire. i will say though the patience of the hatian people has been simply overwhelming. we have not seen the looting, if it's taking place, we've not seen violence if it's happening, occasionally there's a street argument at the gas station last night many people arguing over water jugs, the five gallon jugs they were trying to fill up, but that was it and i think that's, that's one hell of a tribute to these people, brian, patient and calm for now and hope it stays that way. >> brian: bill hemmer, thank you for the work on the ground there, bringing us the stories what's going on in haiti and i have been to haiti and haiti is a country full of very resilient people and i think bill is seeing test tapt to
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that very fact. helping hatian angels was formed in 2008 to help the orphan nationali orph orph orphana orphanage. despite the challenges in getting to haiti, team members are now on the ground there and joining us on the form is a member of helping hatian angels team, she's in virginia and she tried to reach her husband he's out of pocket right now, but debby is telling us what the team is trying to do. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you that like you said, our team was-- we plan our trips every january and july and this trip was planned six months ago so we had a really long list we're putting together two really big playgrounds, a couple of 20 swings, a hundred kids could play on. one in the community square of capuchin and one out in an orphanage and those were our two big projects, and bringing
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a solar panel so the kids could have clean water. repainting and putting a toilet, bathroom in our local cavalry baptist church. the problem is, we're not sure if any of that's going to get done. our man in haiti, archie bald went to port-au-prince the day before the earthquake struck, but bought $12,000 worth of lumber for the playground and mattresses because our kids have bed bugs and called us an hour before the earthquake and said, i've got everything, it's all loaded up on the truck, i'll be heading back in the morning. and then we couldn't reach him for a couple of days, thank god he's okay. we're just not sure what's happening with all of our supplies. so, he's headed back there tomorrow to pick up hopefully our wood and our mattresses so that we can continue. >> brian: all right, debby, thank you so much for joining
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us to give us that update we appreciate it. >> sure. >> brian: by the way if you'd like to donate to the haiti relief effort visit the websites of several charities online including the american red cross and habitat for humanity and log on to haiti and then you'll find a list of reputable organizations and charities that are accepting online donations and we've done our best to scrub the agencies to make sure that your dollars get where they can do the most good. it may be stream ahead for democrats as they try to push final health care legislation through, it may be a race against the clock as a key vote in all of this might disappear shortly after tuesday. caroline shively has the very latest on that from washington, hello. >> reporter: hi do you, brian. democrats have been in marathon negotiations in the white house this week, there they were there yesterday until 1:30 and back at it yesterday afternoon. >> we're finding our common ground. we're making progress. we're bringing our--
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this congress closer to taking these stark steps that have eluded other congresses in the past. >> reporter: adding to the urgency is the senate vote. if brown wins, they lose the fibl filibustering proof majority. if massachusetts weren't so close we wouldn't be half dead from lack of sleep. holland says that r reconciliation is an option and they'd need 51 votes, but have to start the bill all over again and scale back dramatically. another deal cut thursday would exempt union workers from a 40% tax on so-called cadillac health insurance plans until 2018. you've got unions on board and likely many democrats in the house, but it opens up a 60 billion dollar revenue hole the democrats need to plug and opens criticism from many republicans. >> if you're in a union or work for a state or local government you will be freed from the tax for five years
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and then the tax on you will be figured in a denvifferent wa than everybody else. >> the president was intimately involved in the negotiations with democrats, but tomorrow heads to boston to campaign for coakley. >> brian: i've been looking at polls for the race from massachusetts. they're all over the place. but one poll shows the republican up in massachusetts by as many as 13 points. unbelievable. that's going to be a story we're going to cover and bret baier is going to be there live next week for special report. now, vice-president biden and homeland security secretary janet napolitano are down in little haiti in miami. and you can see that the podium is set up there. there may be remarks, one way or another our phil keating is there and as the hatians respond to the tragedy in haiti. that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic.
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>> vice-president joe biden, his wife, dr. jill biden and department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano are meeting with hatian americans in southern florida today. they're meeting with residents and responders as they get relief efforts in order. vice-president biden, dr.-wide and napolitano will meet with service members and first responders based in south florida. and our phil keating is there? phil keith something there now with -- he's in miami to give us more on the story, hello sha phil. >> hi, brian, good saturday to you. all deportations of hatian nationals from the united states back to haiti are now frozen. that is because late yesterday afternoon the department of homeland security secretary janet napolitano declared that temporary protective status
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has now been granted for all hatian nationals giving in the country. houf, she pointed out and made it clear this only applies to hatian nationals illegally in the country prior to the earthquake. this will not be granted temporary protective status for any hatians who illegally enter the united states from here on out. there are thousands of hatian nationals living in the miami area, that has a very large neighborhood known as little haiti, but there are an estimated 100 to 200,000 hatian nationals that this will apply to. what this does is, these people who have been basically living in limbo, illegally, waiting for their pending deportation back to haiti. they now will have what is known as temporary protected status which allows them to get work visas and jobs, driver's licenses and also enjoy some other federal assistance. the obama administration declared this comes out of an act of compassion, that it is simply unsafe to send anyone back to haiti right now, regardless of their immigration status.
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and an estimated 1 to 200,000 hatians have been living in the united states illegally and haiti now joins five other countries on the tps list, includes honduras, nicaragua, el safe doe, somalia and sudan made the list because of extraordinary companies that materialize $after hurricanes, earthquakes, war and familine. long been urging the obama administration to grant tps, 14 senators joined florida senator bell nelson, urging the president to add haiti to the list. the poorest country in the western hemisphere. that had due kay at thats, and dass terse disasters in 2008. temporary protected status is a 18-month long life span. and so it has to get renewed after 18 months and so, that's why critics point out here that this they think tps,
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temporary, too often becomes permanent. for example, back in 1999 ten years ago, that's when honduras and nicaragua made the list because of hurricane mitch and in 2001, el salvador made the list because of an earthquake and critics point out, 18 months have gone by a long time ago for those nations, so, but at least hatian americans here in the country will now basically be allowed to go from living under the shadows to actually getting some jobs and trying to live a semblance of a life here. >> brian: phil keating, truly, it's an act of compassion at this point because those people certainly don't have anything to go back to. phil keating is at the miami bureau. want to mention that we're still watching this event which is down at homestead air force base. the vice-president, his wife, dr. jill biden, janet napolitano are supposed to be there speaking in a few moments about efforts to move aid into haiti from southern miami. we will go to that event when it starts to happen. we're monitoring that and we
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will join that event when it starts to happen. defense secretary robert gates says that 20th century processes and attitudes are stopping military personnel from stopping terror threats from within their ranks, like that fort hood massacre. the fort hood report shows a connection between the shooter nidal hassan and a cleric. and the ranking member of the security committee joins us live from long island, new york, congressman we saw this report yesterday. what was the thing that jumped out at you? >> brian, actually what struck me the most, i don't think the report went far enough because to me there's no doubt that there was collusion, if you will, and certainly, extensive contact between major hassan and alawi in yemen and i don't think the report focused enough on the real threat of radical islam in the military and spoke in general terms that didn't pinpoint the fact that major hassan to me, it's
12:24 pm
amazing, having seen the records i have, how he was allowed to stay in the military, how he was allowed to remain a major in the army. i would go beyond what secretary gates says and say we have to focus much more on the threat of islamic extremism within the military. >> brian: you know, you have said things like that and i've heard pete hoekstra as serves as the ranking member in intelligence in the house. saying there's more to the story than perhaps we've heard thus far, is that your sense? >> absolutely. i'm on the intelligence committee with pete hoekstra and he's the ranking member and from what i've seen, much more extensive between hassan and alackey, and anyone looking at this should have seen what a threat major hassan was. i think there's political correctness why action wasn't taken against him. the only reason i can possibly come up with. >> brian: the old saying what happens behind you you can't
12:25 pm
change, you can only change going forward. what changes need to be made in your mind? >> that we have to be much more focused on the threat of radical islam, anytime of radicalism in the military and the one we have to be concerned with is radical islam. what happened between hassan and the imam in yemen to me will be clear to any unbiased person. if that should happen in the future. any others will have that type of contact or speaking out and speaking in favor of jihad and denouncing our actions as being anti-muslim, to me, you cannot remain an officer in the united states army or united states military if you have such anti-government anti-american views. >> brian: i can't let you go without your thoughts about what you're seeing on the television screen from haiti. >> first of all, it's an absolute tragedy, but let me put in a good word for the urban rescue people from new york city, n.y.p.d. and fdny. i was on the phone would them and they're waiting to get the
12:26 pm
c-17. coming down this morning and a great job and hearts and prayers of all americans have to be for the poor suffering people in haiti and i commend president obama for the efforts he's leading. >> brian: congressman king, thank you for joining us, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: we are again watching the event down in southern florida at homestead air force base where vice-president biden shall his wife and janet napolitano, the homeland security secretary, are gathering to oversee the relief efforts for haiti. we are going to go to that when we come back. back in just a moment. if you're buying store-brand ibuprofen,
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>> very quickly, let me take you to a richmond virginia, where bob mcdonald has been the 71st governor of that state of. the control of the state turning from the democrats over to the republicans, these are live pictures of the ceremony that's going on there. bob mcdonald sworn in just moments ago, that of course, has been something that's
12:30 pm
pointed to as a real victory for them, in the early elections, a sign that perhaps there is a turning tide of conservativism returning to this country after democrats did so well in this purple state and the '08 elections. now, another we're watching closely, behind those doors at any moments we're expecting the vice-president of these united states, his wife and the secretary of homeland security to walk out, this is at homestead air force base down in southern florida, the vice-president and the secretary of homeland security are there overseeing efforts to rush aid to the people of haiti. and they're going to have some things to say and we will go to that location as soon as something starts to happen here. now, the grand old party is in the top spot in the old dominion. it's the bottom of the hour and caroline shively standing by with the top of the news. hello. >> hi to you, brian. it's official, governor virginia bob mcdonald took the
12:31 pm
oath in office in richmond to be the 71st governor. the victory in november was the g.o.p.'s first for virginia's top spot in eight years. g.o.p. activists are hoping mcdonald's victory along with chris christy's win in new jersey can provide momentum this november. former president bill clinton is hoping his star power will rub off on martha coakley's campaign. she's locked in a dead heat with republican scott brown for ted kennedy's seat. bro voters go to the polls on tuesday. the maker of tylenol, johnson & johnson, is expanding its recall of products. they're taking tylenol cablets and gel tabs as well as row ladies and ben trail off the shelves. rolaids. the combination said some sick and some use,report the products have a moldy smell. brian, back to you. >> brian: thank you very much. caroline. there's one other thing we want to tell you about that will be happening in the next
12:32 pm
few minutes. at the port-au-prince airport you see a live picture of the planes coming in, bringing all of these rescue supplies, we think that in an about 15 minutes, secretary of state hillary clinton will be at the airport, will alirrive at the airport and a short time after that will address cameras. we have the homeland security with the vice-president. and the secretary of state arriving in haiti between now and the top of the hour, we're told a lot going on as the world and specifically the u.s. responds in a huge way to the crisis in haiti. now, former president's blin and george bush are teaming up as you heard earlier to raise money for haiti's victims of the massive herb. both have been meeting with president obama how to best help the millions in need. hi, brian, president obama says when he spoke to the former presidents clinton and george w. bush earlier this
12:33 pm
week in the wake of the haiti earthquake, each man responded saying, quote, how can i help? today, the three men spoke in the rose garden of the white house about the clinton-bush haiti relief found, the private fund raising efforts. president obama was restrained, telling the hatians quote, sustained help is on the way that it's going to be difficult to get aid to the hatian people, there may be quote, fear, anxiety and a sense of desperation on the ground there. >> extraordinary catastrophe like this, the first several weeks are just going to involve getting immediate relief on the ground. and they're going to be some tough days over the next several days. >> former presidents bush and clinton say they want to ensure the quote, ongoing help to the country of haiti and that the challenges there are quote, immense. >> i know a lot of people want
12:34 pm
to send blankets or water, just send your cash. one of the things that president and i will do is to make sure your money is spent wisely. >> it is still one of the most remarkable unique places i've ever been. and they can escape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> president bush speaking there about the clinton-bush haiti relief found if people want to send their money there and the secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to arrive on the ground in haiti. the highest u.s. official to visit since the earthquake. secretary clinton said quote, it's a race against time to clear roads to make sure that supplies can get in and she says she wants to make sure that u.s. relief efforts are quote, moving as quickly as we can. president obama had a meeting with his top staff tomorrow-- today, this morning to get an update how the relief efforts are going. as of this moment the president has no plans to go to haiti himself. >> brian: all right, molly
12:35 pm
henneberg covering what's going on at the white house and the response this morning in a very interesting picture seeing 42, 43, 44 all standing shoulder to shoulder in the rose garden. the u.s. military flew into action after tuesday's 7.earthquake in haiti. malini wilkes has more from washington as well. hi, brian, 4200 u.s. troops are in haiti or ships just off shore. another 6300 arriving by monday for a total of more than 10,000 helping to deliver supplies, providing security, and search and rescue capabilities and medical care. now, today, the navy hospital ship. the u.s.s. comfort departed baltimore, 900 foot vessel with 600 staff and leaving three and a half days after the quake, ahead of its issue five day prep time, but it won't arrive there until thursday, with so many severe injuries and the threat of infection, military leaders have been asked why the comfort didn't leave sooner. >> the ship is manned by
12:36 pm
remember serves, they're not typically on the ships, certainly the full crew and five days, we're working ahead of that time line right now to accelerate that and get her out there as rapidly as possible. >> admiral says he's comfortable with the five day deployment time, but it could be resued later sometime down the road. i've been on board the comfort, it's impressive and full service operating rooms so doctors can perform surgery while floating and x-rays, cat scans, supplies of medicine and blood and a helicopter pad to carry patients and supplies on and off and ships with heal helicopters are key, the airport is too many and the ships can't dock. it's like having a second airport there. a total of 24 choppers now flying relief missions. defense secretary robert gate says they're not air dropping supplies because there's no distribution system on the ground or enough securities to
12:37 pm
prevent mobs or riots. more than 2300 marines from camp gentleman -- le jeune. >> brian: malini, thanks for joining us, a huge convoy of red cross relief supplies are being driven across the border from dominican republic to haiti today. a mainly challenge. here is santo domingo and they need to get to port-au-prince. in the middle of the country is a mountain range, six or eight hours in good conditions and probably take longer than that given there's so much damage and chaos on the scene. apparently they're trying to move a very large package of aid and supplies across the mountains into port-au-prince. now, when a crisis like this occurs, the red cross is always there, but after the aftermath of the quake, it's posing huge challenges for the relief workers including the red cross.
12:38 pm
jonathan aiken is an american red cross spokesman and joins us now. jonathan, tell me about the efforts to move those supplies from the dominican republic into haiti? >> and that's a real good piece of good news, brian, in the convoy is a 50 bed field hospitals. one of the largest on the ground once it does get set up and that's part of the convoy of supplies coming into the dominican republic. we've been working off a land bridge working out a route from the santo domingo airport to get our supplies and staff overland into port-au-prince and staff doing basically a shuttle from the dominican republic to get our gear in the country. >> brian: what kind of things are desperately needed by the red cross? >> pretty much name it. the key things coming in are going to be tents, tarps, blankets, cooking equipment, hygiene equipment, medical supplies. we have about 70 people on the ground, 20 from the american red cross and they're being
12:39 pm
supplemented by teams from red cross societies around the world and in at that group are engineers, doctors, surgeons, and also, people whose specialty is to start bringing families together. one. things you'll see and your reporters are noting on the streets of port-au-prince people are wondering around looking for friends and relatives and the need is to start linking the family together not only for security, but peace of mind and we have specialists trained to get that kind of production facility underway. the other good news that we have coming from port-au-prince today is water purification, we have purification equipment set up capable of producing 10,000 gallons of drinking water every day and we're starting some water distribution in the capital now and first aid and we're continuing to do triage in the streets of the city. >> give me some sense. the red cross response to stas ter an all over the world and i don't think people yet get the magnitude of this disaster. can you give us a sense of the scope of what you're facing? >> it's stunning, as everyone knows, haiti is a nation compromised and its ability to respond to major events even before this took place in the
12:40 pm
early part of this week. and now, what you have is a situation where when you had little to begin with you have nothing left. and so, relief agencies along with the u.s. military and the hatian government have basically been working from scratch trying to rebuild that infrastructure and the pictures you were showing a few minutes ago from port-au-prince airport really tell a terrific story because now that that airport is sustainable for relief flights on a pretty consistent basis you're going to start seeing that log jam break and you're going to start seeing supplies and gear coming into the airport and from that staging area move out. it took us several days to be able to get two warehouses set up on the airport in base camps and operations and our staff in port-au-prince before the quake happened. we've been in the country for about ten years, they were basically doing treeage, first aid and helping neighbors dig out brick by brick and hand by hand. >> brian: jonathan, thank you so much for the update and folks, a couple of things come to mind here, number one, eve time i've arrived on the scene of the disaster, i'm always
12:41 pm
met by the red cross, the first people on the job, they did a really good work on the ground and spend your dollars wisely. by the way, here are ways you can reach out. you can support the red cross at these website locations. or you can go to haiti where we have scrubbed some ormss we've made some choices about where your dollars might be spent more effectively if you care to look there. you may find some very worthy organizations doing good work in haiti and the other thing i want to tell you, remember in a disaster you may need to survive between seven and ten days on your own before the relief can actually get there. probably a good time to look around your own house and say am i ready should something of this magnitude happen where i live. now, one of the many volunteer organizations providing relief to the people of haiti is missionary flights international. before the earthquake they had been flying two planes a day into the country. now, they've been loading up with medical supplies, food and water and richard snook started missionary flights
12:42 pm
international, he's a busy man, but joins us from their base in florida. mr. snook, i remember looking at the maps yesterday and i was hearing that a lot of people are having trouble getting flights into haiti. what is your situation sm. >> well, we have been very fortunate. we've obviously been out of haiti many, many years and flying there about 40 years, well established on procedures and of course the hatian government knows this well. we fly for about 700 missionaries that live and work in the country of haiti and been there several times a week, we fly about four flights a week to haiti on a regular basis, of course, now things have changed, but fortunately, we are able to get in, and we have had, i don't know, counting them up, trying to do that while you called me. we've had five or six flights and we had three a day, the pretty much on their way home now, and so, we have got 50 people on one airplane and i got 24 on the other two. so we're bringing on almost a hundred people today and many of these are people who are
12:43 pm
missionaries or they're families or stranded people. >> right. >> we've got a man here in our office waiting for his wife to come out on the flight. she was there of course before the earthquake. >> all right. well, mr. -- mr. snook, i want to interrupt you, i'm sorry we're running short of time. commercial break, but thank you so much for the work your a dog. keep up the good work. as we leave for commercial break, more coverage, but these are the pictures from notre dame cathedral where a mass is underway remembering the people and the victims in haiti. back in just a moment. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night.
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>> this is a fox news alert. taking a look at pictures on your screen, on the left. a live picture from a port-au-prince airport, helmets, c-17's, c-130's arriving any moment. anytime now one of those
12:47 pm
relief planes will arrive with the secretary of state on board and then she's expected to make remarks. we will continue to bring you those remarks when they become available to us, on the right, behind that door is the vice-president of the united states and the secretary of homeland security, they are this homestead air force base, florida, overseeing efforts to remove relief supplies to haiti and the vice-president had speak in a few moments and we will bring that you when it happens. the white house and congressional democrats are agreeing to scale back the so-called cadillac tax on high cost health care plans. the concessions came after closed door meetings between lawmakers and union leaders who say they'll throw their weight behind the president's plan now. gary shea is the assistant to the president of the a fchfl-ci serving as a health care expert and joins us here in the studio to talk about this. well, this was a very important thing, why? >> well, for six months, brian, we've been campaigning to try to get rid of the tax
12:48 pm
and unfortunately in the end weren't able to do it because it's going to be such a big hit on the middle class, but we were able to cut it back considerably. it's 60 billion dollars less than it would have been over ten years and we did that wii improving things and making it less of an a tax hit on the middle class. >> brian: it's a big taxes about 40% tax in some ways and you got an exemption though. the unions got an exemption till 2018 and a lot of people didn't get that exemption as it looks. >> yeah, and there's been a fair amount of confusion about that. whenever there's a federal law change of any significance affecting workers, where there are collective bargaining rules, you don't want to renegotiate the contract in the middle. in this case because of how big the health care bill is they did a transition rule months ago for the changes for employment base coverage in general, not just union plans. so employment based coverage has five years to come into compliance with the insurance changes and the benefit mandates.
12:49 pm
well, that's what has applied here, but it doesn't start until 2013 when the tax goes into effect. some people miss interpreted as an eight year or something like that. but, you know, we're proud of the fact we are an able to improve the bill even if we weren't able to get rid of the tax. >> brian: you're fully supporting the legislation. >> we haven't bought for health care reform for 60 years to get to know. believe me. >> brian: thank you, sorry our time is so short because of pressing news. thank you for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> brian: heirarry reid's comments are one thing that they're talking about these days, did the reporters go too far in trying to get their story? we'll explain.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
>> game change, the book that
12:53 pm
is the behind the scenes look at the historic 2008 campaign with bombshells hitting senate majority leader harry reid's racist comments and former governor sarah palin's readiness to be vice-president. questions are emerging the way the reporters got the story and whether they crossed a journalistic line. fox news contributor liz trotta is here with thoughts on that. liz, there are well-established rules for journalists when doing their work and you say that maybe some of these rules they may have sort of crossed the line on them? >> yeah, rumors, whispers, speculation. these are some of the words that the new york times, a friend of liberal washington, used in reviewing this book. so, what we have here is the kind of descendent of the woodward-bernstein genre, a kind of fictional approach to the news, that's why it's time to remind people there used to be rules in journalism and let
12:54 pm
me cite a few of them for you. the first thing is that your ground rule for a reporter, if you are attributing news, the first rule used to be on the record, and this means reporter could use what he learns or hears and names the source. for atri bugs only, can use only paraphrasing the material. the reporter can name the person designated to speak and use the materialment . on going, this is where game change came in. the reporter can use the information he gets, but can't cite the authority for the material used not even his nation, state or organization. instead uses phrases such as well-informed sources or diplomatic sources, et cetera. off the record is what it says, information and source of information cannot be used in any way. now, these rules are quite old and they were originally
12:55 pm
invented for print and even tape recorders and television were starting at the time, but one thing has been abrogated by the washington media establishment because this book makes such liberal use of what they are saying you should believe is true without any proof. there aren't even any footnotes in the book. so, what we have is really, another, another imposition on your imagination from the washington media. >> brian: all right, liz trotta interesting stuff and these are well long established we use them in washington all the time. it sound like some people may be going over the edge on them. we'll tell you how hollywood is working to help people in haiti when we come back. breathe right, the small strip that gives you...
12:56 pm
big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better. and now get two free samples... and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. go to to try new breathe right extra. . >> brian: to haiti to meet with the afternoon bishop and the pastor and a number of other priests and parishioners who are engaged in relief work and getting things moving. >> and at the outset i'd like
12:57 pm
to point out to you that i have been-- we have been absolutely astounded by the resolve and capacity of the community. put one case in point, the pastor of the church while he's meeting with us at the recreation center and then trying to give comfort to the community told me as an aside, he just lost family himself and he found out that morning. one of the priests of the church we were there, he looked devastated and he had just heard literally minutes before of a loss of a close family member. i think it was his brother. so everyone in the community with whom we met, literally everyone, including patrick gas per, the president's chief political guy in the white house, patrick is here with
12:58 pm
us, he's lost family. so, it's one thing to respond to a crisis of a significant proportion, it's another thing to respond when your own flesh and blood has been the victim of that same crisis. so, our hearts go out to all hatian-americans and others who have family and close friend who are caught in the midst of this absolutely devastating disaster. the images we all see on television are devastating for the average american. but i can't imagine the -- how silent, how the silence of contacting by cell phone a relative in haiti and hearing nothing on the other end. how deafening that silence is
12:59 pm
for so many hatian-americans. i can't imagine now searing the pain they feel is at this moment. ladies and gentlemen, the tragedy in haiti is unimaginable and you know, the public life, we tend to use adjectives that height and and description of a circumstance, but sometimes it results in hyp hyp hyp hyperbole, but this is close to unimaginable. you saw what we went through with katrina and rita, we lost thousands of people, several thousand people. but here we're talking tens of thousands of dead. a city, a region, from the epicenter out, if you look at the temp telemetry, this is absolutely devastating. devastated beyond recognition.
1:00 pm
the american government and american people are responding in a way that makes me once again sound trite, proud to be an american. yesterday i was keeping a longstanding commitment, meaning three or four weeks to visit lake charles, louisiana and new orleans, louisiana now under the leadership of janet napolitano our homeland secretary, fema is actually delivering the goods the last year in louisiana. there's still a great deal to be done, i'm meeting in an area of -- in the parish, the largest parish in louisiana where lake charles is, out in a wind swept area where just some housing that's been recently built for the elder elderly. and i walk into a community room and the first questions
1:01 pm
they ask me are, how can we help the people of haiti? they're just getting up off their feet in new orleans and in the meetings you had, these are meetings with people from the 9th ward and other places, still devastated, and they're organizing, they're organizing, the firefighters in new orleans were decimated. of the police were decimated and they're organizationing. volunteers who say they're ready if we can get them there to go to haiti. so, ladies and gentlemen, it's a-- this is an effort, an undertaking that has the full total unrelenting support of the president of the united states and the government of the united states. we a we're moving as quickly as is possible. we're moving aggressively with all the assets available to this great government. we're saving lives and we're beginning a full scale recovery, but put this in focus. put this in focus.
1:02 pm
there is one, one airport. the entire world is trying to get help to haiti. we're only able to land because of one apron, one apron in the airport, one taxiway. 48 aircraft on the ground a day from all over the world. that includes the u.n. trying to resupply their people and they were devastated. that includes that the ability to refurbish and try to get back up on its feet. the mission that 7,000 folks on the ground for some time. we're able to, and correct me, general, if i'm wrong, i believe we were get 17 air frames in. we have the capacity for 700 air frames so i want the american people to understand is we are here in a position of trying to help another country and we are going by,
1:03 pm
as we should, their priorities, they're telling us what they want this first. so there are going to be a lot of second guessing why didn't you send in more docs or why didn't you send in the 82nd airborne quicker or why didn't you send -- because we're being told now what they need and we now know what they need. search and rescue teams much the secretary has gotten our teams in, these are the best in the world and coming from other parts of the world as well to get those vivid images people caught between slabs of concrete, voices being heard from somewhere below, trying to get them out. that's the first priority. the second priority will be told by the government. they need water, just need water. so what is going to happen here, we go through, we're going it get all of this, but i just want everybody it know that this first 72 hours, this first week, it's pretty hard
1:04 pm
to get everything in there we have the capacity to get in there. as the general said to me, it's like putting a bowling ball through a straw. this is the tail end of this is very constricted. all the roads, the port, is basically not able to be used. not basically, it's not able to be used. so to airlift all of this in and what the general told me, we're looking every, from the dr to every other airport in the region to be able to get people in and then take them over land which takes seven and eight hours, so, we're doing everything in our capacity to do this. right now, there is help, there is help on the island. and much more is on the way. with each passing day, more and more assistance will greet the hatians, who are in desperate need of our help. we've already begun one of the largest recovery missions in
1:05 pm
recent history. search and rescue teams from virginia, california, florida, are already on the ground, coast guard is there. and coast guard responded immediately with the frame-- with the ships they had available to them and the helicopters. the army's 82nd aborn, some are on the ground already, but 3200 are committed. 3200 are committed. it's sequencing getting them in. the aircraft carrier, u.s.s. vincent has arrived, has 19 helicopters in over 3,000 men and women on board. it's already, already moving. the fact of the matter is, we're fa we're ferrying, moving people in, getting survivors out. we've already rescued a number of americans and hatians have come out. people come, wanting to come back home, american citizens so we've been able to process through here. and so, the fact of the matter is, this is just the beginning. the american marine expeditionary unit is on its
1:06 pm
way, one of the reasons why they're so important, but we can't get on, into a port, we are going to get over land from am fphibious landing craft. we're using every available tool that we have to try to get, you know, as what your phrase, janet. force en masse, mass on force. what is it? >> mass on target. >> mass on target. and, but the target is big. the mass we have is enormous, but the bottle neck is how physically we can get it there. and so, i just want to begin by thanking our military for an incredible job, general, you're doing and the admiral shall the coast guard, everyone, they and the president have made it clear on the situation room with our four-star general on the other end, saying, general, anything
1:07 pm
you need, anything you need is at the disposal of this rescue mission. here at homestead, we're-- they're supporting the deployment of this rescue teams, the development of mobile energy response systems, they're sending water, cots, meals, hygiene, blankets, dock docs. on thursday the president announced an immediate investment of 100,000, that's going to mean more life saving equipment, more food, more water, more medicine, more of everything the people of haiti need, including the ability when we get the 82nd on the ground and more security on the ground. everybody knows how this works. everybody knows how it works. and initially, everyone is just so focused on staying alive. after that, there's a tendency for fear and panic to set in. there's the tendency for some, a few bad actors to begin to acting bad.
1:08 pm
so we're trying to get all of this done as quickly as we can, we're working closely with the regional and international partners like the united nations and the government of haiti. we're standing up, the government of haiti in terms of its ability to communicate with its people. you saw the government, the prime minister, no place to live. i mean, this has been a total collap collapse, a total collapse of a country, as a consequence of an earthquake. and so, we're going-- we're going anywhere that we can get, and we are bringing every resource we have. we're there for the long haul, as the second point i wanted to communicate to the people of haiti. this is not just the united states, the president and i and our administration does not just view this as let's get relief as quickly as we can, save as many lives as we can, make sure they have enough food, water and shelter in their turn. we're in for the long haul, the hatian people are our friend, they're our partners, our neighbors and we're not going to abandon them in their time of need and their time of need is going to extend well beyond the ensuing months.
1:09 pm
it's going to extend for the he next several years. right now though, our primary focus is on searching for survivors and rescuing them, but we know after a few days of rescues grow fewer and farther between and that's when hope begins to fade and that's why the president and i and the entire administration are intensely committed, not yus to the immediate mission, the immediate rescue mission, but in providing the basic necessities for survival and to bring reainsurance in the days ahead and the months ahead we will be there for the hatian people. you know, it's one thing to provide supplies, but it's quite another to provide hope that has to and maenmate any recovery, we're not going to restore haiti's past, our objective it to help them build a better future and i am here and on behalf of the president thank the thousands
1:10 pm
of americans who have already responded by their donations, to thank the hundreds and thousands of sum total it will be of our military personnel, land, air and sea shall for what they're doing. and we want to encourage all americans that want to help. there's one way to help shall the most significant way to help is a financial donation, so that the ngo's on the ground, the u.n., our personnel on the ground, can in fact have the wherewithal to provide what is needed on the ground. it's hard to get bulk in there right now, in the near term. so, what we need to do is we want you to donate, go to ww, to learn how you can make a difrference. it's the mark of american generosity, compassion and humanity that so many of us saw our children trapped under collapsed buildings and mass scramble for scraps of food and we said, we've got to help these people. we are we've got to do everything possible.
1:11 pm
that's the response not just coming from us, i might add, but all-around the world. but it's most important, it's most important that we act on our charitable impulse in a way that can do the most good. and the most good now is to be able to send a check, send a check. i think the brave men and women of homestead air force base and all our armed forces who are going to be doing this around the clock for a long time now and imagine their frustration. imagine their frustration, they know they get everything from docs to nurses to all kind of material that can get in and they can only get so much out. because the through-put is so difficult. so, like i just want to thank the firefighters as well as the rescue workers that continue to save lives even as we speak now. and i think the american people understand just how immense this challenge is. think about it, folks, we all saw katrina, we saw rita, we
1:12 pm
saw it happen. and there were many more than a thousand died and many, many displaced. if the estimates are correct coming from the international community and people on the ground and we're not there, the red cross, we're talking 50, maybe 100,000 dead ap those estimates are, this is of a magnitude that's almost unimaginable. i'll end where i began, we are committed, as a government, we are committed as a nation, not just today and tomorrow and next week and next month, we are committed to see to it that the people of a haiti have a fighting chance to get back on their feet and are able to look at their kids in the eye and those who survive and say, we've got a future. we've got a future better than a past that we left behind. i just want to thank and god bless the troops. >> brian: there you have the vice-president of the united states at homestead, florida
1:13 pm
talking about the relief efforts that are on their way to haiti. let's turn now if we could to a man who is on the ground in haiti, our bill hemmer, who has a special guest, bill? >> reporter: brian, thank you. i explained an hour ago that we found this field, it's a soccer field now populated with about a thousand hatians, they sleep underneath these blue tarps, these plastic mats, whatever they can find to protect themselves from the sun above and this is dr. wilkins gilbert with his wife here. he's the only doctor in this entire area. why are you the only doctor here? >> i tell you i was in capuchin, in an area when we had the earthquake. once i heard about this and i come to port-au-prince to see what's up with my family and we lose our house and we think everyone was okay, we got no injury. so i decided to help people get -- when i come here i see a lot of people who get a lot
1:14 pm
of-- and this is i decided to take them and get back to my house, try to get inside and tried to find some goods and make some dressing and now everything is worse. we've got no help, no goods and you can imagine, taking away-- very, very hard. >> no one here has water, including you. >> but i am thirty right now. i'm thirty, it's devastating we don't have any water to he is continuing wish that so we're waiting for that ap we're trying to know that we don't have any water to wash our hands. so we're trying to clean with everything because-- >> you can imagine the possibility for infection in a field like this where there's open garbage and open sewers. high risk, high risk of infection, so we're trying to fight infection, but we don't have any money. >> there are two particular
1:15 pm
cases i would like to ask you about. one is a woman we found two hours ago who apparently has just given birth to a baby boy? >> yes, we have the situation, so, imagine a pregnant woman here. >> yeah. >> giving birth to a baby in the situation, but we are here, we are-- i think take the baby away, it's okay. >> the baby is going to be ok okay. and there's another case you have to go to immediately. a woman brought to you an hour ago, a giant cut and you have stitched that across to heal that and now about to perform an amputation on this woman to keep her alive. >> yes. >> and you're doing it under these conditions. >> and it's very, very bad conditions, but we got no choice, it's very infected so the bone has a lot of-- inside and try to drain everything away and keep the stitches and wound closed, but--
1:16 pm
>> doctor, will she make it. >> i try to make it first washing banishing-- >> i'm saying will she live. >> she's a bit-- now she lose the finger and the finger is infected, but we need to make amputation just to save the hand. >> n i know you want to go down now and you're doing god's work and best to you and your wife. we're waiting for him. >> we can't say that enough, can we? >> thank you. >> thank you, doctor. >> brian, no water even for the doctor here abreaks your heart. and underneath the sheets, families, families of five, six, certain people living underneath every one of these sheets and they've been here for four and a half and almost five days, brian, with no help in sight. >> brian: bill, give me some sense nabout 30 seconds, if you can, and noi it's a tall order. the magnitude of what you're facing on the ground so that people here can understand how much help is needed? >> i can drive for an hour,
1:17 pm
brian, you can drive for eight hours, and the misery never ends. and neither does the destruction. block after block and street after street, it takes your breath away. >> brian: all right, brian . bill hemmer in haiti on the ground telling heart wrenching stories. ladies and gentlemen, as you sit down with your family tonight and have a meal and look at your loved ones and bounty on your table and water you have to drink think about the people in haiti. they're good folks, they need your help. the bulls and bears program will continue in just a moment. we thank you for being with us through our extended coverage here on the fox news channel. the cost of freeman business block will pick up in progress, i'm brian wilson in washington. and thank you so much for joining us, we'll see you soon.
1:18 pm
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1:20 pm
on companies that help bailout tapes. why aren't gm and chrysler paying it. $25,000 for the first check back
1:21 pm
>> president obama wants the government's bailout money back and he's looking to get it by slapping bailed out companies with a $120 billion dollar tax. but look who is paying and who is not. big financial firms who took those government loans getting hit. not getting hit, automakers, and mortgage companies under government control. now, most of these guys, the banks paid back their loans with interest, and they're the ones getting hit. and these guys paid back nothing, and don't pay squat.
1:22 pm
toby, make some sense of this. >> well, i want to first thank you for that scientific word squat. the hipocracy-- exactly, i don't know what's bigger, but let's go with the hipocracy. now, an economy is sort of built on trust, right? and the government said, first off, you get five years to figure out how to pay this back and now, in a year and a half you did pay it back, you paid the interest and even made profits on the warrant and the stock, but we're going to go after you again. now, what's the logic behind that? the logic is that they played exactly by the rules, and i guess they don't have the right lobbyists. if i was going to go after the banker, how about the hedge fund, mutual funds, the other people, no. it's the people who actually were force today take money other than citigroup and bank of america, forced by the government at gun point to take the money and now they're getting hammered. >> explain this to us. >> well, i'm not-- this is not the best deal that could be out there, but. >> way to go, sarah. >> getting the tarp money back, the taxpayer's money back. the reasons why you don't want
1:23 pm
freddie mac and fannie mae there is because it's shuffling federal funds from one pot to the other. it doesn't really do anything for the taxpayer at the end of the day. and the-- while gm and the rest of the auto industries are still in a very weak position and probably couldn't sustain putting these funds back, but the people, the americans that they employ, the jobs they create it's important that we keep those companies standing and while they're still in restructuring process, it makes sense that they're not giving these dollars back. >>, but, eric is the bottom line-- >> talk about fairness here, i just need to move on to one more issue, i'm sorry we're short on time, sarah. it's got to be the consumers who get hilt ultimately. >> unfortunately that's what ends up happening. 50 banks or so slapped with the tax, going to get fees and drop it right down to the depositors through atm fees, through check fees, through lower rates and the bottom line. >> less lending. >> everyone's going to pick up slack. >> hold on, it's going to pick up the slack or little timmy geithner's mistake not tying loans from tarp--
1:24 pm
i'm sorry, money from tarp to banks to loans going out the door and/or bonus money at the end. if you're ticked off that there's 145 billion dollars going out the door of the banks that took tarp money, it's not their fault. it's geithner's fault for not making sure that didn't happen. >> and profits-- gary, i bet your blood is boiling. >> i hear the high sea coming. >> i got to rein it in. it does make my blood boil. you know what this is? this is a get reelected tax, that's what it is. obama knows full well as soon as he uses the word wall street fat cats, that's going to, everyone's going to say, yeah, let's get the guys a quote barney frank said. it is entirely legitimate to make them pay, talking about the financial industry, for the damage they inflicted on the financial system. i can't tell if he's the pot or the kettle at this point. barney frank, the guy who said let's roll the dice with fannie mae? what about the fed for crying out loud? it's just absolutely hipocracy
1:25 pm
and toby pointed out these guys are paying back the money and the fed made money already on what they lent down. this is ludacris. >> i've got to get pat in here, too, pat, what do you think? >> well, it's pretty simple, everybody is pissed at the banks and let's go after them and flogging them for all they're worth it's silly regulation, when you look at gm or ford shall the automakers, for example, they announced today there's one of the board members of gm who's going to become a special advisor to ceo whit acre, making 900 k a year for advice. >> that's quite a bit. >> i can be an advisor for that kind of money. >> this is just silly stuff. >> all right, thanks, guys and thanks to sarah for joining us, next, get the bank stock that will double no matter what the white house does and see this empty baggage carousel, it could fill your luggage with money. we'll explain. if you're buying store-brand ibuprofen,
1:26 pm
you may save a little money on your arthritis pain relief. but you could end up taking twice as many pills... compared to aleve. choose aleve, it just makes sense. just two aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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1:28 pm
>> >> predictions. gary b, your he an up. >> you know, brenda, the discussion we had on the bank fees, that's really a blip for goldman sacks. they're the smartest in the room and the darth vader of the financial industry and no luke on the horizon. i love these guys, always seem to have the right answer and double in two years. >> what do you think, toby. >> luke, it's not going to double. >> okay, your prediction toby. >> fed ex is doing great because of the baggage fee. people are sending their bags fed ex ground and not checking them.
1:29 pm
so i like it up 30% here by the time darth vader comes back. eric, you like it? >> this is one i don't like. i like the idea, but i'm in the camp that says fuel prices are going off the chart in 12 to 18 months. >> captain commodity. >> pat, your prediction? >> pat, please. >> well, i've been talking about the natural gas pipeline companies for quite some time and they continue to yield and don't cut dividends and energy transfer partners want today look at etf. 50% undervalued and a safe yield not a sucker yield. >> wow. >> that yield is tax advantaged. >> gary b y, you like it or not bull or bear. >> i think you can get this cheaper, gas down last week, struggle right now. >> a ways to buy it. >> and probably-- >> eric, prediction. >> yum brands i think up in and everybody is wondering how much salt you take in, and sugar and take could he bell, k.f.c. >> come on. >> where is the prp? >> and where is the costume, man?
1:30 pm
>> we ate it. >> all right, where is the prop? >> coming up next more on haiti with cavuto on business. . >> the u.s. scrambling to get 10,000 troops to haiti by monday, look forward to despair and desperation erupts into allkoal allout violence. >> and john bolten will count as someone very, very worried, all the money going to the hatian government isn't exactly going to make its way to the hatian people. >> first to washington and unions driving away with health care reform tax breaks. the white house cutting a deal with the unions that would delay taxes on cadillac health plans until the year 2018. everyone else, well, pay up right away. and count a lot of us, on fed up. i'm glad to have you, i'm neil cavuto. let's get reaction from charles payne, ben stein, ding mcdowell.
1:31 pm
what do you think. >> i think that government workers, union workers are getting richer and the government is getting larger and the unions played a big role in all of this and yet, they-- and the auto companies and what ever happened to shared sacrifice sickly from the unions and i think this is going to totally really harm them even more with the average person on main street. what happened to the solidarity? it's just gone. >> i don't know, if you are a union, i think the real strategy here was to encourage union membershi membership. and you could tell, dagen, protective members and those you're trying to recruit, tax-free health care here. >> it was the most disgraceful political handout and outrageous symbol of favortism maybe anybody has seen in this country. >> and no, that's giving me an anchor job. but continue. >> but who is going to end up paying for it, people who choose
1:32 pm
to work in union-free environments ap companies and look at the percentage of people in the private sector who work for unions. this is a very small percentage, less than 7% of the american work force. >> they just got a mighty big payoff and adam, that's with what is going to resonate with the american people, going to say, owe whoa, whoa, whoa, how do these guys scott off on this one? >> well, if we're going to make sweeping generalizations, a bick generalization here is that these unions gave things up along the way to get the health plans they have now. >> what did they give up? >> they made pay concessions for, for example. there were various terms in their contract where they said we'll agree to x, but we want a y kind of a health plan. >> and the american people have not already made enormous pay concessions, a lot through lost pay, lost jobs period so they're not given the same treatment? >> well, in fact, we're talking about politics here. >> really?
1:33 pm
>> yeah, in fact they didn't have an agreement and this is a political block that did. i don't know if this is cookier than one senator who has a passi passionate view on the abortion issue, and this is the way the political system works. i don't think it's hypocritical by the unions-- . buying off a vote in nebraska, bennellson, is different than trying to appease a different group near and dear to the democratic party and ben stein, that's what this comes back to, this idea that when the president comes out and says, i'm trying to get past business as usual and cuts a deal like this, it strikes me very much as business as usual. >> it's exactly business as usual. now, i, unlike adam, i suspect, am a member of several unions so i love unions, but of considers, it's a democratic administration. it's an ultra left-wing administration, the most
1:34 pm
left-wing administration there's ever been. of course they're going to favor the union and just as adam aptally says, politics, and high income people are going to pay, small business owners are going to pay and small business owners as in administration are going to get kicked in the teeth. and small businesses tend to be republicans and get kicked in the teeth. and union members tend to be democrats. kicked in the teeth to the tune of 60 billion dollars because the tweak to this plan, it reduces, it reduces the revenue and it raises the issue of a five year delay? well, why not make it ten, 20 or forever. >> the union-- there was a union official on saying, charles, look, we're going to pay, in 2018 we're going to pay. take your turn now. >> we don't even know what happens eight days from now, i don't remember what i did eight hours ago. and yet, we're going to have eight more intol champions,
1:35 pm
we're going to have eight more world series champions, we could have one, maybe two more presidents and we're going to set in stone something that we're sure is going to happen in the year 2018. >> this has been kicked down the road far enough for them to know to come up with something else, some other reason or excuse for them not to pay and you know, again, i just think you made a great point with respect to-- >> i did? >> yeah, the recruiting aspect of this. i think that is the great point. >> i tivoed that. >> i think it's going to back fire, 27 million people underemployed. >> if i could temper, if i could temper my friends with your cynicism here, they could have written an exemption in and they probably could have gotten that in. >> we will never, we'll never pay this. >> they'll never pay this. i agree. >> and they'll never pay it, i agree. >> but you're just guessing, i mean, i respect your opinion. >> we're not guessing. >>, but the legislating says-- >> 2018, adam. and out of it by 2018.
1:36 pm
i should be doing those gold coin commercials (laughter) >> i probably shouldn't say that. my point is that, you know, far from-- i'm just saying that look, we know what the deal is and the way i've heard this justified, adam, from some very astute progressives like yourself is that, look, we know making sausage part might kind of gross you out, but you'll like the sausage and pepperoni when you get it and maybe we will, but let's acknowledge that the process is pretty flawed. >> absolutely no argument. look, the president needed these votes in the congress. they're certain votes that he wouldn't get without making a compromise with the unions. his political calculus is he wants this bill, he wants the extra number of americans insured that the bill will get and you know, like it or dislike it, this is a president who has shown that he wants to get
1:37 pm
things done and he's getting grief from every angle for want to go get things down. >> he's getting grief, he's getting grief for a big fat 60 billion dollar check with a big red bow on it that's been handed to the unions and who else is going to get hit with the cost? it is the people who work for companies that aren't in unions and it's going it make this thing a disaster. and adam, the reason he's getting hit. you make a lot of promises, and talk about the shared sacrifice, how we're all in this together when me and my budies aren't in this together. that hurts lot. >> ands' getting something done that he wants done that rahm emanuel said the american people don't want it, and they didn't ask to have the bloody sausage parts put on their breakfast plate. they want to keep things pretty much as they are. >> no, they did not. no, they did not. >> we're not going to go into the sausage or anything. a lot more coming up here. a live update from haiti and
1:38 pm
america pledging all right 100 million dollars in age and questions rising as to where the money will get to the people who need it most. former u.n. ambassador john bolten joins us.
1:39 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. i'm jamie colby. vice-president joe biden wrapping up a news conference a short time ago on relief for haiti from homestead air force serve in florida.
1:40 pm
and helping the victims of the devastating quakes as strong after shocks continue to shake the island's capital. the largest tremor had a magnitude of 4.5. search and rescue teams at a well-known hotel trying to reach people who may be trapped. they had to stop for a few minutes until the shaking subsides. there are about 26 rescue teams on the ground today and they're also focusing on schools and hospitals. it is a frantic search today for survivors. meanwhile, at the white house, president obama telling the hatian people that sustained help is on the way. he was joined by former presidents bush and clinton to announce they will head up a major fund raising effort for haiti. >> our longer term effort will not be measured in days and weeks. it will be measured in months and even years. and that's why it's so important to enlist and sustain the support of the american people. and that's why it's so important to have a point of coordination for all of the support that extends beyond our government.
1:41 pm
here at home, presidents bush and clinton will help the american people to do their part. >> well, tomorrow, president obama heads to massachusetts to campaign for democratic senate candidate martha coakley. she's locked in a surprisingly tight race with republican scott brown for the seat left vacant by senator ted kennedy's death. coakley enjoyed a wide lead early on and now brown closed that gap and the race is a dead heat. focusing on taxes and health care reform. you want to keep it right here on the fox news channel for the latest on the relief efforts in haiti, continuing coverage throughout the day. you can go to, too, but now we return to cavuto on business, i'm jamie colby. >> all right. the continuing frantic effort to get relief and money to haiti. president obama has already been pledging 100 million to help haiti's people and the government. will that money get to the people who need it most? joining our panel right now are ambassador to the united nations
1:42 pm
in the last administration, john bolten. john, does it get there? >> well, there are different phases to what's going on in haiti right now. and one reason that thousands of americans troops are on the way is that the government of haiti is not capable of really participating in this relief effort and the nongovernmental organizations that are there are there to help hatian development don't have the logistical wherewithal, either. so i feel pretty confident as long as the u.s. is there distributing the assistance that it will get to the populations that need it. i think the larger questibeginn right now and months ahead is the reconstruction effort and there i think there's a lot of risk that the aid will not get where it needs to go. >> i know, a night and day difference, but we were told that the somalia, the aid would get to people that need it most and we know the ensuing tragedy at blackhawk down that's not the case. but i am comparing it.
1:43 pm
how can you be sure that american's generosity, second to none, is being rewarded. >> well, you make a great point to what ambassador bolten was talking about. yeah, as long as the military and u.s. military is there controlling things. but listen, we know african dictators who have billion dollars in swiss bank accounts, money donated to their countries or baby doc and papadock. i want to send blankets and food and send a lot of money, even through these other organizations because i think only a fraction gets to the people, i want to help them as much as i can and i think hopefully, it will get there and i think that's what we all hope for. >> good. no way for us to know if it will go missing, if some of it, but that is the nature of us as a nation, is that we all individually and as companies and as a country keep giving because that's just who we are. >>, but earned learned there's no limit to our generosity, but we learned from katrina and
1:44 pm
other disasters, unless you target the money responsibly, to the red cross or i don't know the entities per se, that you're going to lose it and the people are never going to see it. >> to offset that you do see private companies sending people in and also having their hands on money that is going in to these types of nations, just one small example, ups. they have a logistics team, small people they work with the world's food program and that is, that is one way that you can manage how money is being spent and how aid is going to these people. >> go ahead, adam. but you know, neil to what charges mentioned wanting to send blankets, a good sentiment, but the red cross and other aid organizations have specifically requested that people not try to send goods and material that they send money to those organizations instead. because they want to be in position to purchase and move the thing that they want to buy. and now, the interesting thing is that neither the red cross nor the nearly nonexistent
1:45 pm
hatian government has an aircraft carrier, only we have an aircraft carrier that we can move into place there and so, you know, i think that's something we should be excited and proud about that we can do that sort of thing. >> and then we see these dramas played out sadly, again and again and we'll see it in the future. should there be a more concerted u.s. role, a more accountable u.s. role or is this pretty much how it goes? >> it's all going to be ad hoc, it's all going to be thrown together at the last minute and look, it's haiti, the poorest country in the entire world, very disorganized fantast fantasticically corrupt company, a huge amount of money is wasted and that means we have to send more. 100 million sounds like a lot, only 30 cents per american, the poor wretched people is a human being and a soul just as a wall street billionaire and deserved to be helped and if a lot of the money is wasted so be it.
1:46 pm
>> ambassador, what do you think of it? >> i think that's the fact you find in disaster relief situations leak this, but there just isn't anybody else to do it. the united nations certainly isn't going to do it. the government of haiti can't do it. it is in our hemisphere, i think we have a responsibility to step up to it, it's consistent with our nam character and i'm sure we'll do the best we can. >> we don't try to compare and contrast what we give versus what others give. invariably it's expected of the united states and we do happily, but the same own nuss is in place in other countries, china that commits a million dollars i think 60 men to help with digging and the searching, no one blanch at that. should they? >> well, in this case. >> absolutely should. >> part of the reason is that haiti does not recognize the government in beijing. they still recognize the republic of china and taiwan and part of this in china's calculation is undoubtedly
1:47 pm
political. that's just not the way the united states respond in a humanitarian disaster situation. we disregard the politics and china hasn't. >> just like we disregarded politics when iran had the big earthquakes. >> exactly. we'll take a quick break and we mentioned china a little while ago. you hear about the big google threat with china, butt out of our business or you'll lose our business. don't think this is any of your business? think again.
1:48 pm
not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at today, the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> go google go. the company is threatening to leave china off a censorship battle. go right ahead, it's the right thing for google and america. r
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
>> the heck with you. google coming out swinging after what it claims was a highly sophisticated attack on computer systems much the company is threatening to close up shop in china. if that country continues to sensor searches. now, that happened, what does it mean? ambassador-- that's a bit of a break. normally everyone kowtows to china and doesn't say boo. >> i think it's potentially a enormous precedent. we are not at the end game, but much of american business in china says we have to be in the market. we don't like what the chinese do, ripping off intellectual property not enforcing contract rights, but we basically have to suck it up and put up with it because of the size of the market. if google carries through on this, it's a real signal that china can't get away with anything it wants. i think it has economic and business significance. i think it has political significance, too, to tell the state shall the treasury department, you know, occasionally you can disagree with china and get away with it. >> you know, ben, what's
1:52 pm
interesting about it as the ambassador reminded me in the past, this isn't just any company, this is a cool company and well-regarded company. so how does that change things? >> it changes a lot. you know, in today's new york-- sorry, yesterday's new york times there's a piece about how the whole u.s. department of the is kowtowing, nobody is following through, and everybody is letting china hack even big defense companies in the united states. google stood up to them. they earned a huge, huge, thanks in the united states and from all the free people in the world. >> yeah, we should like google-- >> what do you think, dagen. >> the more they've given, the more china seems to be taking and this hack attempt was really the red flag for google 'cause it's been in china with the search engines-- >> we should say. >> four years. >> the government is charged with hacking the e-mails of human rights dissidents. >> activists, and it was, a few dozen companies that were involved. >> way more than that, way more than that.
1:53 pm
human rights activists. >> that's what i discovered. >> and google has been in china making compromises for four years and putting up with censorship and this year, for example, youtube is, you know, video site has been virtually shut down within china and at some point, if their motto is don't be evil, and they are about openness and freeman, they ha have-- freedom they have to make a hard decision and they're clearly doing that. >> i had a woman in my office before this broke from the dynasty network and it's interesting because she told me about the u.s. companies that everyone in china knows are cooperating and the names she told me blew me away. i would not tell them because it's not substantiated, but giant companies this given away, given up dissident names according to her. i'll tell one name she said bank of america, she said everyone in china knows they've are cooperating. >> and ben to your point, with
1:54 pm
respect abz, google has shown chutzpa and if our government is intimidated by them of course our companies might be. >> all right. and charging bank of america and we don't know. >> we don't know. >> what do you think about that? >> well, i think it is a mark against the u.s. government under whatever administration, if you simply defer to china they get their way without paying a price for it and that reputation just allows them to go from victory to victory and we go from defeat to defeat and that's why google's stand here is potentially so important. >> adam. >> i agree that google should be applauded for doing this, it's very early days. i don't know what it will accomplish with the chinese. what i can say what it will do for google, they're giving up relatively little now because they have tiny market share in search in china. they're under attack on privacy concerns in europe and in the united states and they're going to be able to say, look, we care about privacy and they do, and they're demonstrating it in
1:55 pm
china. this could help them in those far more important markets. >> and quickly, what do you think about the emporer has no clothes, that all of a sudden google has kind of called china to task on something and maybe china is discovered to be this giant that it isn't? >> well, we'll see if they back down. i think it's very important. >> they won't. >> from google's poent int of v they make the threat and don't carry it out, it's worse for them and worse for everybody. >> interesting. ambassador great for having you here today. we're all leaving now. all right, this tuesday, d.c. did they get the message to drop health care reform once and for all? the gang reveals what it is and why taxpayers should rejoice and up next, did you see this? more town haulers shouting they don't trust lawmakers with their money, you can trust our gangs get their trustworthy spots. >> liar, liar, would you like to hear why?
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
>> liar, liar. >> would you like to hear why? >> no liars here. you can trust, forums that continue. adam, what do you have? >> canada eye shares, a bet on canada, a country that isn't being bankrupted by costs and further play on energy because the country has so much of it. >> charles. >> i don't like the balance, too
1:59 pm
many banks and to your point, commodity stocks and they've had a pretty good move. >> so what are you doing? >> ibm, i think that's a trustworthy company, a solid company, tremendous execution and gone through near death experiences so i like to have confidence in it. >> that's a big globally recover play. >> absolutely. what do you think about it ben. >> i love ibm. i don't like to pick individual stocks as we all know by now. i lo love ibm. how much more oomph i don't know, if you've got to pick an individual stock, ibm is a great company. >> what are you doing in the meantime. >> as usual, surprise, index, eem, emerging market, emerging markets, they are already very high. they'll undoubtedly correct, but in the long run, 10-year, 20-year horizon that's where the growth in the planet is going to be. >> you're going to shock us one show and come up with an obscure commodity or a tiny internet stock. >> banana peels. >> all right, thank you all very
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